Uist Outdoor Centre can give information on all the following outdoor pursuits:

  • Sea Kayaking Apr-Oct.
    A good way to explore the coastline and offshore islands with hidden caves and remote beaches.
  • Kayak Surfing Mar-Oct
    For the kayaker who wants the thrill of the surf there is no shortage of beaches that offer the surf of a life time.
  • Kite surfing
    With the Hebridean winds there is always the chance for propelling you across the shallow waters. Its also a good spectator sport to watch with coloured kites and acrobatics from the more skilled surfer.
  • Wind Surfing
    The large shallow lochs dotted around the island are an ideal place to wind surf.
  • Surfing Mar-Oct
    Sea waves sometimes in excess of 20 feet are every surfers dream. Long beaches and shallow slopes make safe places to surf.
  • Cycling
    The Uists have miles of long low lying roads making cycling a pleasure, with many places to stop and picnic or just watch the local wildlife.
  • Land Yachting
    The Uists have the largest expance of beaches in the Western Isles and so perfect for this adrenaline packed sport.





Photo credit: Duncan WJ Palmer via photopin cc

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