Askernish golf course

Askernish golf course in South Uist is the jewel in the golfing calender for golfers everywhere.

It was created by Tom Morris in1891 at the request of Lady Cathcart the wealthy landowner so she could impress her guests.

The 18 hole course was maintained by local crofters until the early 1920s.

With the decline of use the golf course reverted back to the wild and only 9 holes were kept and the land used as an airstrip.

The golf course was restored in 2005 by locals and reopened as an 18 hole facility in 2008. It is held in high acclaim in the golfing world, challenging even the best of golfers.

Every year since 2008 the Askernish Open Weekend is the event of the golfing calendar and has evolved into a three day event.

In 2013, 136 players attended the tournament.

For 2014 places should be booked early.

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